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2008 Track Season Brings a Dedicated New Board to ATRA

The American Track Racing Association (ATRA) has been reborn for the 2008 season with a new executive board, website and National track racing calendar boasting over $100,000 in prize money at 30 events held around the United States.

ATRA’s 2008 Executive Board
• President – Pete Antonvich
• Vice President – Tim Goodwin
• Secretary – Leigh Barczewski
• Treasurer – Mike Murray

A Base for Growth
Starting with the 2008 season, ATRA’s dedicated board of executives seeks to grow track racing in North America. By offering economical insurance rates, creating continuity and opening communication channels among all member tracks, ATRA seeks to develop a base from which to build a strong track racing community in North America. In addition, marketing services will be available to member tracks for events as well as public and corporate relations. Having recently filed for incorporation, the board will also be seeking 501(c)(3) or non-profit status as a next step to securing long-term growth.
The recently launched website ( has been redesigned with additional member track information. The website will also feature news from member tracks across the continent and provide information for non-member tracks who wish to join ATRA in the development of track racing. A complete listing of all 28 North American velodromes can be found on the website, along with a National track racing calendar. Encompassing over $100,000 in prize money, the calendar spans 6 months and features major races at 14 member tracks in 11 States.

Mission Statement:
The American Track Racing Association (ATRA) is formed by United States and Canadian velodromes to advance the sport of track cycling, the capital improvements of our facilities and for the promotion of track riding and racing.
Press Release

Kissena Announces Opening Weekend Race.

Kissena releases information on the opening weekend for the track for the 2008 racing season. More information can be found by clicking on one of the links listed below.

Race Flyer

Race Schedule


Encino Velodrome Announces Its 2008 Race Season


The Encino Velodrome 2008 race season will once again be split between a spring "themed" omnium series, and the summer championship season.
Encino will help racers prepare for District, National and World Championships by once again providing qualification and championship length endurance races (points, scratch and Madison) in our omnium series.
Back by popular demand in 2008 is the Masters 40+ category.
We will continue our “split session” schedules on race day to cut in half the amount of time spent sitting around waiting for each category’s races.
All races in 2008 will start shortly before sunset to avoid the heat of the day.
The race season at the Encino Velodrome will start April 5th with the Mechanized Mayhem Omnium that will include motor paced scratch races and keirins. The second omnium of the season will be the Long Rider Endurance Omnium with scratch, points and miss & out races for every category. The third omnium of the season will be the third annual Festival of Speed Omnium including match sprint and keirin tournaments. The final omnium of the spring will be the Olde Skool Omnium with points races, miss & outs and “one mile” scratch races.
Encino velodrome will be offering a P/1/2/3 Madison open to men and women at every event, omnium and championship, throughout the year in 2008.
The Bob Hansing Memorial Cup Series omnium categories for 2008 are: Juniors 12 & Under, Juniors 13-16, Women (1-4), Masters 40+, Masters 50+, Masters 60+, Category 5 Men, Category 3/4, and Pro/1/2. Masters 50+ and 60+ will race together but be scored separately. Juniors 17-18 will race their license category. Boys and girls will race and be scored together in the 12 & Under and 13-16 categories. Trophies will be given to the best overall, best endurance racer, best sprinter and most aggressive racer in each category. A trophy will also be given to the two best riders in the Madison races.
The omnium series races will take place on the first Saturday of the month from April through July. The Encino Velodrome Championships (Elite Nationals Qualifier) will be held August 16th & 17th. The Far West Championships will take place August 30th & 31st. The Southern California / Nevada Cycling Association Elite Track Cycling Championships will take place at the Encino Velodrome September 13th & 14th.
The Encino Velodrome is located at 17301 Oxnard St. in the Franklin Fields Baseball complex, conveniently located in the Sepulveda Basin just a few miles from the intersection of the 101 and 405 freeways in the San Fernando Valley. Omnium race entry fees will be $15 per racer, and will include Madison race entry fee for racers with a Professional, Category 1, 2 or 3 license. Racers only racing the Madison will be charged $30 per team. Additional omnium categories may be entered at each event for $10 each.
Entry fees for championship events will be $15 per race.
Race entry fees include track usage fee at the Encino Velodrome.
Juniors race for free at all events in 2008 at the Encino Velodrome courtesy of the Southern California / Nevada Cycling Association.
Reigning National and World Champions who notify the race director of their intention to race at the Encino Velodrome at least one week before race day will have their entry fees waived courtesy of the Encino Velodrome Association.
Women who register to race against the men in the Pro/1/2 omnium races at the Encino Velodrome in 2008 will have their entry fees waived courtesy of the Encino Velodrome Association.
The full schedule is available on line at

Alfred Nash
Race Director
Encino Velodrome




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