All track cycling in the US and Canada

Race Descriptions

Danish (Win’n out)
First rider across the line on the first lap wins & retires from the race. First person across the line on the second lap is second & retires from the race, & so on.

Individual Pursuit
The Individual Pursuit involves two riders starting at opposite sides of the track and then they chase each other around for typically 4000 meters.

Italian Team Pursuit
Like a team pursuit (where there are normally four riders) but the ‘Italian’ version can have more riders. As each rider does a turn, they pull off until it’s a one-on-one race to the finish line at the end. The team that completes the set distance the quickest is the winner.

The kierin is a race in which riders sprint for the line after completing a series of laps behind a single motorbike pacer (derny).

The kilo is an all out effort against the clock for 1-kilometer. World-class times are just over a minute. This is a standing start event.

This is contested by teams of two, with one rider from each team in the race at any given time. It is run either as a scratch or points race & has teams made up of two riders – one rider in the race, while the other one rests, either by slowly circling above the stayers line (blue) or by hanging onto the fence (if allowed for that track) until they replace their partner. The change between partners takes place in the form of a hand-sling – the rider in the race takes his partners left hand with their right, and “slings” them into the race. A strong sling will enable the partner to be at race speed almost immediately. There are various safety protocols regarding the hand-sling, the most important ones being that another competitor must never ride underneath a team that is changing, & if two or more teams are changing at the same time, the team behind must change above the height of the team in front. A variation of the event is the Madison Pursuit, which again has teams of two with one rider from each team in the race at any one time, but this time is run an as pursuit with each team starting at different points around the track rather than a bunch.

Match Sprint
The sprint is the oldest championship discipline still practiced and featured in all International championships. Run over 1 kilometer consisting of heats & a final. The sprint combines a powerful explosion of speed with the tactical savvy of chess.

Miss’n Out
The last rider across the finish line on specific laps is called out by the judges.

Not one but a series of events (Sprint, Pursuit, Time Trial for example) where points are awarded to the riders and the rider with the most points wins after all the events, is declared the winner.

Points Race
The points race usually a large field of riders who will sprint for points on designated laps. The winner is the rider with the most points at the end of the race. This is an Olympic event.

Scratch Race
Quite simply the first person across the line over a set distance wins. The distance can vary from a few laps for youth races to 20km for senior events

Team Pursuit
Two 4-man teams start on opposite sides of the track and then chase each other. Each rider typically pulls for 1/2 lap then slides up the banking to let the next rider pull through. Meanwhile the man who pulled off will drift to the end of the line and get back in just inches off the wheel of the rider in front of him. Time is taken on the front wheel of the third rider.

Time Trial
A time trial against the watch over varying distances, normally one lap or 1km maximum.

Team Sprint
Team Time trial (3 riders) with the fastest team winning. Time is taken when the third rider crosses the line.

Unknown Distance
Basically, this is a scratch race where the riders don’t know what the distance is until the bell is rung to signify the last lap.